Chester Roman Festival 2012

On Wednesday last, 30th May, it dawned on me that this was a long weekend and that I could arrange a couple of days in Chester for the Roman Festival 2012…… Soooooo glad I did. Nice hotel 300 yards from the Grosvenor Park and the Amphitheatre still wasn’t close enough for my legs to last past 7pm! (I, honestly, did turn down an invite from Ben Kane to join him in the beer tent for the evening. This aging thingy has its drawbacks, however, one must consider the alternative!)

Anyway, I will not embarass myself by putting captions or comments on these photographs, (maybe on the authors’ pics) I wouldn’t want to advertise my wanton ignorance of the terminology.

It was great to see Doug Jackson again and to meet Ben Kane, Tony Riches and Ruth Downie, fine authors of Roman Histfic………Need to get Gordon Doherty and Si Turney down for next year as well as the other Oxfesters.

Enjoy my photos.


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Interested in politics and sport, but my first love is books, particulary, at the moment, historical fiction.
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